WORLDS TOP 10 RICHEST YOUTUBER’S -2018(jake paul,logan paul,roman atwood ,popular mmos)

YOUTUBE changed the life of so many young minds, many people changed lifestyle because of youtube and it became a part of life and for some, its a place of entertainment, for some its the place to learn new things if we go on making list may not end…

BUT today we made a list of worlds top 10 richest YouTubers.


Roman Atwood has been on youtube for many years and his popularity is increasing day by day, only he is the YouTuber in America who has 2 diamond play button. He owns 2 youtube channels in one where he uploads vlogs every day because of this it estimated he making nearly 400k-700k dollars per month and anything between 5m-9m dollars a year.


brave wilderness is one of the unique YouTubers because of the type of videos he uploads in his channel there are only a few YouTubers are unique like him and it estimated he makes anything between 100k-300k dollars per month and 2m-3m a year and he has around 9.6m subscribers on his channel


reaction time channel is nothing but he reacting to a video in a more entertaining way and he has around 7.9million subs in youtube and more then 2billon views which estimates he makes around 800,000-1,000,000 per month and anything between 10m-15m per year


logan paul after leaving vines he started a youtube channel where he uploads vlogs and songs and his channel is gaining millions of subscribers every day  and in a short period of time he has been gained more than 16m subscribers on his vlog channel and it estimated he is making around 500,000-800,000 dollars per month and 6-10m dollars per year



popular MMOs is also known by the name pate he gained fame from a game mine craft like many other YouTubers but now he also watches and react to videos and products along with the gaming content and he has subs around 13.8m  and it estimated he makes around 800k-1.3m per month and anything between 8m-14m per year


lele pons gained her fame from vines but she is many other viners who moved from vines to youtube and she is one of the most popular female YouTubers on the platform and she gained so many subs in very short time and she gains millions of views every day because of this it estimated she makes around 100k-300k a month and anything between 1.3m-4m per year


Like popular MMOs he gained his fame from the game mine craft and now he mainly makes gaming videos but he switched somethings a bit and he plays other games too now estimated he makes around 800k-1.3m dollars a month and anything between 9m-15m per year


Like brave wilderness and other unique YouTubers dude perfect upload original videos and there is only a few youtube channels are able to compete with them because of all this reason they gain millions of views every day and estimated they make around 500k-800k a month and anything between 6m-9m dollars a year



Guava juice is one of the fastest growing channels in youtube and he has a record of earning 5 million subs in just one single year, Roy built his channel by uploading challenge videos and DIY videos and it estimated that he makes around 400k-700k per month and 5m-9m a year


JAKE PAUL currently one the most popular person on youtube not and he also the younger brother of Logan Paul, each day his channel does get at least 10million views due to this it estimated he makes around 700k-1.3m dollars per month and 9-15m per year

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